Leonard (My Life as a Cat) Is A Book To Learn Alot

Leonard quotes Walt Whitman, has an affinity for the knock-knock jokes and “I Love Lucy” and absolutely loves his bright yellow rain slicker. Oh, and it’s an alien trapped in the body of a cat.

The curious and funny narrator of Leonard (My Cat Life) by Carlie Sorosiak is an immortal being from another planet who is preparing to celebrate his 300th birthday.According to tradition, he will be happy for his 60th birthday when he visits the Earth and takes on human form for a month. “People write books, share thoughts in a cafe and do things for absolutely no reason. Swimming pools, doorbells, elevators-I wanted to discover everyone’s fun.”

But on the way to Earth he is distracted and-meow!- ends in the body of a cat, suspended from a tree in a harsh rainstorm in South Carolina. He is rescued by Olive, an 11-year-old daughter who spends the summer with her grandmother Norma. In the beginning, Leonard is frantic: it’s not the body he imagined! Why is he suddenly passion with the destruction of the curtains? And how will he get home one day when his pre-determined interstellar rendezvous in Yellowstone National Park is 2,000 miles away and he only has 30 days to get there?

Despite his worries, Leonard grows to appreciate his situation and the fascinating people on whom he now depends. Readers will delight in his feline wonder from the water given the things we humans take for granted, from cheese to thumbs to umbrellas. You will also be easily connected to his feelings of frustration, desire and excitement as he and Olive learn to accept and celebrate what makes them unique. Leonard and Olive’s friendship is a reassuring reminder that families don’t have to be biologically attached-or even from the same planet.

Leonard is a spiritual, inventive and wonderful story that encourages readers to step back and see the beautiful picture that our interconnected world has painted. He invites us to enjoy the wonderful in everyday life and take a closer look at the animals we meet, just in matter they have something important to say.